Reciprocator ZA with X-axis
Extreme high loading capacity

ZA13 reciprocators have a high load capacity up to 100 kg. They can carry a high number of guns and ensure very precise gun positioning and reliable operation.

ZA vertical reciprocator with 4 guns
Space-saving guns arrangement

The ZA13 reciprocator is designed for short or long stroke operation. The guns can be mounted in horizontal or vertical arrangement.

UA04 gun axis and ZA13 vertical reciprocator arrangement

This combination guarantees perfect coating results for complex application demands and difficult part geometries.

OptiGun GA03
Designed for smooth operation

The frequency converter controlled AC-Motor drive, the long lasting thooth-belt and the robust design ensure a quiet operation and great stability.

OptiGun spraying
Easy service and great reliability

The ZA reciprocators require only minimum maintenance that can be completed easily and quickly.

OptiGun GA03
Automatic speed adjustment to conveyor speed

The MagicControls track the conveyor speed and automatically adjust the reciprocator to the ideal speed for perfect sinus and great coating results.