State-of-the-art design

The injector's unique design reduces wear consumption, guarantees a constant powder transport for a long time and an easy integration into any system.

Plug and Convey

All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism. This enables a time-saving access to all parts. Disconnect and reassemble with an ease.

Constant powder output

The OptiFlow has a unique design with 135° open angle that reduces wear consumption and guarantees a constant powder flow for a long time.

Apply the right film thickness!

The OptiFlow precise design, combined with the patented DVC technology ensures precise and reproducible powder output.

Optimized color change

The smooth powder flow design and the axial sealing guarantee a optimized color change.

Low wear parts consumption

OptiFlow injectors can feed more powder with less compressed air. This reduces the wear of the injectors and of the guns.

Easy integration in new and existing systems

The OptiFlow injector is designed to be easily installed on OptiCenters and on any normal powder hopper.