The core of the powder application control

You can easily control all the systems components, manage warning and error messages, store application programs, assign passwords and permissions.

Automation for great quality and powder savings

MagicControl can trigger the guns and recall the right guns' and axis' programs based on the part detection and on your own application library.

Easy to use interface

The comfortable touch screen interface, available in different sizes and languages, and the self-explaining icons are clear to use for every operator.

Reliable CanBus industry standard communications

The CanBus standard is used to interconnect the system's components like guns, reciprocators, part detection, conveyor speed detection etc.

Easy backup and data extraction

All MagicControls program and operating data can be easily stored on removable memory cards. Backup and data analysis are easy and quick.

Data exchange with superior PC and PLC systems

MagicControls feature an ethernet® connection for the easy and realiable data interchange with higher level plant or factory systems.

Automatic speed adjustment to conveyor speed

The MagicControls track the conveyor speed and automatically adjust the reciprocator to the ideal speed for perfect sinus and great coating results.